Kyoto Gion Matsuri (Festival)
"Chimaki from Takayama" Special Offer
From July 25 (Tue) until there aren't any left


“Gionmatsuri Takayama

In Kyoto in July, the Gion Matsuri one of the three major festivals in Japan, is in full swing.
On the 17th (Monday, national holiday), the Yamahoko parade (procession of floats) of the Saki-matsuri (pre-festival) was completed, and on the 24th (Monday), in the Ato-matsuri (post-festival) the "Takayama" procession was held in the owner of SUIGIAN, Hidetomo KIMURA's neighborhood.

Last year, "Takayama" was revived for the first time in 196 years, and Hidetomo KIMURA, who established his base in its neighborhood at a time when the momentum for revival was building, has been supporting the efforts to reviving it from its initial stages and actively participating in a variety of events.

After the Gion Matsuri Yamahoko parade, we will take them back to SUIGIAN and present "Yakuyoke (amulet) chimaki", a charm to ward off evil and misfortune made with bamboo leaves, to those who order the course menu.

We hope you will take this opportunity to get the very popular and hard to come by "Chimaki from Takayama".
Since it is not for eating, it is generally accepted to be displayed inside the entranceway or in places that are easily visible such as under the eaves of the entrance.

Due to the limited amount available, we will accept orders on a first-come, first-served basis. We look forward to receiving your reservation as soon as possible.

* Yamahoko: These are decorated floats which is made by every town in Kyoto.

"Chimaki from Takayama" Special Offer

Offer period From 7/25 (Tue) until there aren't any left
Requirements Orders and reservations for a course meal
Offer details One "Chimaki from Takayama" per person as a gift
* Not for eating.