In the high-class restaurants of the Edo Period,
many circles of cultural elites were formed,
and this contributed significantly to the advancement of Edo culture.
Now, SUIGIAN serves a similar function as a contemporary cultural salon.
Enjoy FURUMAI and SHOJYO, original cocktails inspired by Noh plays,
and MEBUKI inspired by Fukutoku Shrine.
These original cocktails for you to enjoy are very storied
and change their contents depending on The 24 seasons and 72 climates.
And, with people from all over the world gathering and conversing,
these cocktails also serve as incubators for new ideas and stories.

geinagon Bar/lounge

The charm of our Bar / Lounge lies in being able to enjoy a drink at the counter in a relaxed atmosphere, or take a seat on the sofa with your friends just like in your own living room. Or perhaps you'd prefer to have a tea ceremony or a wine party in our tea room, or enjoy seasonal cocktails from your box seats in front of the stage. There are so many ways to enjoy SUIGIAN Bar / Lounge and the extraordinary experience it offers.

The beautiful dances by the "Geinagon" and other traditional performing arts that take place on our stage every night are the perfect accompaniment to a drink.

Bar / Lounge Hours:
Tuesday-Saturday 6:00 pm-11:00 pm

* After 6:00 pm,
a cover charge of ¥1,000 per person is added.
For customers ordering a dinner course,
the cover charge is included in the menu price.