24 seasons "Shōsetsu (Lesser snow)"
November 22nd (Tue) - December 6th (Tue)


“November Shōsetsu

[ The 24 seasons and 72 micro-seasons ]
Now four seasons are standard, but in ancient Japan the spring, summer, fall and winter were divided into 24 seasons, and each of those 24 seasons was further divided into 3 smaller seasons of 5 days each, called the 72 micro-seasons.
This helped people sense the changing seasons.

72 micro-seasons

Niji kakurete miezu
(Rainbows hide)
November 22–26

Kitakaze konoha o harau
(North wind blows the leaves from the trees)
November 27–December 1

Tachibana hajimete kibamu
(Tachibana citrus tree leaves start to turn yellow)
December 2–6

It's around that time of year when news of the first snowfall of the season makes its way from the north of Japan and the mountainous regions.
On a day with clear skies the wind carries flower petal-like snow flurries that flutter about as they fall. This is referred to as "Kaza-hana" in Japanese.

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