24 seasons "Daikan (Greater cold)"
January 20th (Fri) – February 3rd (Fri)


“January Daikan

[ The 24 seasons and 72 micro-seasons ]
Now four seasons are standard, but in ancient Japan the spring, summer, fall and winter were divided into 24 seasons, and each of those 24 seasons was further divided into 3 smaller seasons of 5 days each, called the 72 micro-seasons.
This helped people sense the changing seasons.

72 micro-seasons

Fuki no hana saku
(Butterburs bud)
January 20–24

Sawamizu kōri tsumeru
(Ice thickens on streams)
January 25–29

Niwatori hajimete toya ni tsuku
(Hens start laying eggs)
January 30–February 3

This is the time of year when the cold weather becomes most severe.
Although we are at the final turning point in the winter season, even within this chill, little by little, we can sense the indications of spring approaching.

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