24 seasons "Shōman (Lesser ripening)"
May 21st (Sun) – June 5th (Mon)


“May Rikka

[ The 24 seasons and 72 micro-seasons ]
Now four seasons are standard, but in ancient Japan the spring, summer, fall and winter were divided into 24 seasons, and each of those 24 seasons was further divided into 3 smaller seasons of 5 days each, called the 72 micro-seasons.
This helped people sense the changing seasons.

72 micro-seasons

Kaiko okite kuwa o hamu
(Silkworms start feasting on mulberry leaves)
May 21–25

Benibana sakau
(Safflowers bloom)
May 26–31

Mugi no toki itaru
(Wheat ripens and is harvested)
June 1–5

The term "Shōman (Lesser ripening)" takes its meaning from the "sigh of relief" that comes when the ears of barley start to ripen.

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