24 seasons "Hakuro (White dew)"
September 8th (Fri) – 22nd (Fri)


“September Hakuro

[ The 24 seasons and 72 micro-seasons ]
Now four seasons are standard, but in ancient Japan the spring, summer, fall and winter were divided into 24 seasons, and each of those 24 seasons was further divided into 3 smaller seasons of 5 days each, called the 72 micro-seasons.
This helped people sense the changing seasons.

This is the time of year when clear dew floats along the tips of flowers with a glistening white appearance.
If you take a stroll through the hills and fields during the early morning hours, you’ll discover the first glimpses of autumn twinkling in the morning sunlight.

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"24 seasons & 72 microseasons Cocktail"

72 micro-seasons

first climate: Kusa no tsuyu shiroshi
(Dew glistens white on grass)
September 8–12

second climate: Sekirei naku
(Wagtails sing)
September 13–17

last climate: Tsubame saru
(Swallows leave)
September 18–22